Abraham Rode
b. 1835, d. 12/19/1901
m. December 24, 1889
Christiana Schroll
b. 1844, d.1923

7 children ~ possibly more....note sure:

1~ Daniel DeWeese, b. 6/10/1869, d. 1928
m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hocker b. 8/1/1873, d. 1961

#2 William H. b. 1867, d. 1932 m. Sallie K. b. 1874, d. 1942
(This is the one I sent you the pic of the tombstone of and I’m
not sure if it’s the one we’re looking for ~ so I’m not sure
of the dates or the wife. The rest of this info came from Aunt Freda)
Children: *There are other children, but Aunt Freda didn’t
recall their names when I interviewed her*

#3 Edwin b. 1875, d. 1951 m.6/6/1896 Tillie Krebs b. 1874, d. 1964
I have no children listed for Edwin and Tillie

#4 Charles
The only information I have on him is he was in Insurance
He disappeared to Ohio to protect thieving wife (????)

#5 Mary married 6/6/1896 George McCleary ~ he disappeared....
2 Children:
Paul Earl

#6 Lizzie married a Lehman ~ this must be the Elizabeth who married
the Harry Lehman you told me about.

#7 Sara m. 7/4/1909 George Brenner (thanks for the information here too!)
This is all the information I have on this



#1 Ralph Raymond “Googs” ~born July 9, 1893 in Mt. Wolf, York County, PA;
died May 1, 1949 married November, 1922 to Jennie A. Shearer
daughter of William A. Shearer and Lillie A. Straub) b. October 7, 1900
in Oberlin, PA; died November 4, 1985.
Ralph worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a car repairman and in freight
He was a Corporal 7th Infantry 3rd Division. PH ~ World War I
Ralph and Jennie had 5 children: #1a Ralph Raymond “Buck”, Jr. (my father-in-law)
b. May 9,1923,Harrisburg, PA
is WWII veteran ~ he and my father served
together in the 88th Inf. Div. *Blue Devils*
married Mary Elizabeth Patterson b. Sept. 27, 1920 in Clearfield, PA,
died January, 1988 in Hershey, PA (cancer)
Ralph “Buck” and Mary had 5 children ~ 3 are living
Patricia Ann, b. Dec. 16, 1953 ~works for Com. of PA,
Auditor General as a Purchasing Agent
Ralph R., III, “Toby”, b. Jan. 17, 1954 m. 10/11/1974 Connie
Ginter, b. April 22, 1954 in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky (THIS IS ME!)
Toby works for the Com. of PA, General Services, Chief of
Connie works for the Com. of PA, Board of Claims, Exec. Sec’y
2 Children:
Jason Todd b. 12/28/1977 ~
Police Officer/Derry Township
married Nicole Ruiz on Sept. 21, 2002
David Eli b. 01/29/1982 ~
College student/Kutztown University 2000-2001/Penn State University 2002~
Scott Alan b. Dec. 26, 1965 m. 11/13/1993 Melissa Greene b. 02/08/1969
Scott works for the Com. of PA, Game Commission
Melissa works as a teacher for Cornwall/Lebanon
Joseph Graham Keun Rode b. 06/14/2001
Connie Louise, b. Dec. 29, 1951, d. March, 1952
Died of spina bifida related causes

Male child ~ stillborn

#2a. Earl “Horse” “Dusty” b. June 12, 1930, d. May 19, 1994
m Lois “Mick”Miller b. April 18, 1932 ~
Earl worked for the Post Office
Earl and Mick have 5 children:
(I have the dates in my notes I haven’t gotten it on
the computer yet....) Wendy m. April 20, 19?? Marlin “Skip” Shearer Wendy and Skip have 2 children: Ray ~ teacher in the Middletown School District Ronald is a plumber pipefitter ~ married Ann ...... Ronnie and Ann have 1 child ~ daughter (name in my notes....) Darrell .... Lives in York Haven Barbara “Bobbie” married April ??, ???? Scott Ballard Bobbie and Scott have 1 child Daniel (adopted) Danny was either born in 1976 or 1977 ~ he’s close to my Jason’s age. Susan “Susie” married Gerald “Jerry” Berdanier Susie and Jerry have 3 children Jesse Sara Amy Lori married Clyde Bateman Lori and Clyde have 2 children Randi Abby #3a Jane Louise b. 10/11/1948, d. 3/25/1991 married May 14, 1948 Richard Ernest Deaven b. 7/13/1923, d. 6/23/1983 Jane worked as a typist for an insurance company and Richard worked for the Com. of Pa, General Services. Richard was a Scout Master for YEARS and was also a Corporal in the army in WWII. Jane and Richard have 3 children: Richard “Dickie” Ernest, Jr. b. 11/13/1948, d. 5/18/1962 died of appendicitis Janet Elaine b. 2/28/1951 she has a teaching degree and works with an insurance company Ronald Eugene b. 7/16/1953 he works for the Com. of PA, General Services as a mechanic #4a Esther “Ep” m. William Hulley b.???, d.??? They have 2 children Sharon m. Gary Sharon and Gary have 2 children Megan and Nathan Dawn m. Kenny Dawn and Kenny have 2 children Nicole “Nikki” Avery #5a Larry ~married twice 1st wife ~ Vivian Wilt ...I understand it didn’t last long and he remained single until 1982 when he married his second and present wife 2nd wife ~ Wendy (don’t know her prior last name ~ Larry is her second marriage. She has a daughter, Jodie, by her first husband. Jodie is married and has a son, Dalton. #2 Charles Hocker *almost died the same time as Grace with "summer complaint" (intestinal influenza)married twice 1st wife ~ Cora Reichert (died of TB) 5 children: 2a Martha "Mart" b. 1914, d. 5/18/2000 m. Larry Gardner 2b Elwood 2c Elizabeth 2d Wenifred m. John Klingler (last name pronounced "Klinger") 2e Charles 2nd wife ~ Frances Depler 3 children: 2f Albert m. Patricia Cohick Albert and Patricia have 3 children Kimberly Yvonne b. 9/4/1960 Timothy Albert b. 11/28/1964 m. Elizabeth Strawser James b. 1971 m. (THIS IS YOU) 2g Terry b. ???, d. 1976 m. ?? 2h Frank #3 Daniel Deweese, Jr. b. 1906, d. 1928 m. Anna Lingle b. 1910, d. 1994 military service noted on tombstone (older section of Shoop's ~ turn left into cemetery from Arlington Ave., take the 1st left *almost immediate* tombstone is on left) Daniel and Anna have 2 children Richard (buried with parents) b. 1928, d. 1948 He married right out of high school so he could work at Metropolitan Life. He died of a brain tumor at age 20 Robert #4 Albert Herbert b.???, d. 1940 m. Edna Knupp Albert and Edna had 1 child Arleen m. Marlin "Skip" Wagner ***Interesting note here, Skip was my Jason's instructor at the Dauphin Co. VoTech school where Jason had to study/earn his vehicle inspection license as a police officer. Skip mentioned to Jason that we may be related, that his wife was a Rode, but we didn't figure it out until May, 2000!!! ** #5 James William b. 1916, d. 9/2000 (I have the obit, but didn't enter it yet) m. Jane Alleman b. 1917 3 children: Ronald Thomas David #6 Martha Jane m. Nathan Holtzman 2 children: Mae m. Paul Helm (Paul is not feeling well right now) 1 child: Susan C. ~Broker with Century21 "At The Helm" She also went to the 2000 Republican Convention as a delegate. Lester m. Elizabeth Page ????? #7 Manarta Edna b.??? d. "at a young age" m. Roy Daniel Martz 2 children: Anna Mae b. 3/17/1927 m. Harold Goddard b. 6/6/1925 Anna Mae is a homemaker and Harold retired from Post Office 3 children: Elaine Carol David Harold Darrell Edward Helen Marie b. 12/21/1924 m. Glenn Edward Witmer 9/5/1923 Helen is self-employed and Glenn works for Post Office 2 children: Karen Nadene Merle Yvonne #8 Florence Elizabeth b. 1903, d. 11/1998 m. Russell Walborn b. 1900, d. 1995 ????? #9 Freda "Fritz" Carrie b. 5/16/1907 m.01/1930 Earl Luke Killinger Her name on her birth certificate is spelled Freeda. Also, her middle name was supposed to be Carolyn, but her uncle (who I believe was a doctor) messed up filling out the birth certificate and put down Carrie 1 child: Earl Herbert ~ lives in California #10 Mary Ellen was 43 years old at death m. Brenton Luther Clayton "Pete" Hoover 2 children (possibly 1 more but I'm not sure....) James LeRoy b. 9/7/1934, d. 5/14/2000 m. Nancy D. James was a director for DPW, also did seasonal work for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, and was a bus driver for CD school district, former Scout Master, member of CD Transportation Safety Team and Mended Hearts of Brevard County, FL. 2 children: Lori m. ?????Richards they have a child David Judy m. Larry Holmes 4 children (I don't know names of 2): Valerie "Shugg" (I only know her nickname....) ????? ???? #11 Kathleen Sue Louise b. 1918, d. 10/10/2000 m. 1939 Ray Landis b. 1918 Aunt Kathleen was a waitress ~ according to Aunt Freda, "Googs" is responsible for Kathleen being given 3 names. Seems Lizzie (mother) wanted to name the baby Sue Louise, but at the time of her birth, "Googs" was dating a Kathleen and begged his mother to name the baby Kathleen; so, Lizzie used all 3 names. Ray is retired from the bank. 3 children: David R. b. 2/12/1940 m. Lynn Phillips b. 1942 David is a minister in Kansas 3 children: David b. 1967 m. Stacey 2 children: Joshua Abby Dawn m. James Wilcox children: Emmi Eliza Ezekial and as of 5/2000 Dawn was expecting another Debbie m. Randy Wade 3 children (I don't know the names of 2): Rebekka Dorothy "Dot" b. 12/25/1948 m. Yale Hicks b. 07/12/1941 Dot is a clinical social worker and business owner Yale is a business owner. As of May, 2000, they live in Minneapolis, MN. Because of her name Landis already being established in her business when she married Yale, Dot kept her maiden name Fred b. 10/17/1942 m. Valerie Pria Fred and Valerie live in Florida 3 children: Sheryl m. Mike Ohman 2 children: Ashley Cailin Vicki m. Richard Seebaran 1 child: Matthew Janet m. Daniel Long #12 George d. 19 days old ~"Blue Baby" #13 Grace May d. 2-1/2 years old ~ "May" may not be her middle name. Grace died of "summer complaint" (intestinal influenza). Aunt Freda said her mother told her "God was punishing her with Grace's death because she adored Grace so much. She had blonde hair and big, blue eyes.

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